Dec 31, 2008

Dec 28, 2008

The new year is about to begin

Christmas is over! And what a fantastic Holiday it was. Although it was quite hectic most of the time. It seems that my house was the meeting place for everyone whenever there was a shopping excursion or dinner planning or just a day to play games. But I didn't mind.

Our area got hit really hard with an ice storm a few days before Christmas. We had a few branches fall from our trees out front. All roads were closed for a day and barely passable the next. Luckily the main roads cleared up enough that my daughter & son-in-law didn't have any problems traveling from their home in Tennessee. My sister however, was without electricity for 3 days and we did have to take our big truck and pull out my Mom's friend's truck out of the ditch. Everyone was safe though! Now the excitement has died down and everything is pretty quiet now.

On to the new year!!!

I've been cleaning all the Christmas items out of my Etsy and getting my blog caught up to date. I'll be putting all my Christmas decorations away in the next few days. Then I'm ready to get started on all the new things I have planned.

First on my list are those kitchen cupboards that I started.
Then I need to get busy on making things for a booth that I have rented in a shop nearby. I'll post more on this later.
I want to get lots of things done for my Etsy shop too!
And I have to make a rag quilt for my sister & paint 2 diningroom chairs for my son's fiancee.

I guess this break is over...BACK TO WORK for me!!!

I wish everyone a very Happy and Safe New Year!!!!!

Dec 14, 2008

Romantic Living Magazine

That is the name of a new e-magazine that is coming out January 1st!! If you are interested in what this magazine is all about or you would like to sign up for the free issues, please check out this blog or click on the picture in my sidebar.
They are having a giveaway for the most beautiful Christie Repasy print!!.

Dec 4, 2008


I know I can do it!!
I've been putting this off for way to long and I've finally convinced myself that


Oh I've known this for a long time, but I've just let it slide on by. Not only has it been taking a toll on my health, but I just plain don't feel good anymore. Where's that energy and spark I use to have? It's in that doughnut I just devoured. Well I've finally done it. It's time for a change!!
I want to be able to put on some pretty clothes again, not just some old baggy t-shirts to hide the tummy. Although from some pictures I've seen, those t-shirts weren't really hiding anything.
So look out family...there's a new lady comin to dinner tonight!!!
I'm not going to wait and make this a New Years resolution. Been there done that! I am starting right now !!! I've even put a tracker on my sidebar so everyone can see my progress.
If any of you have any tips or recipes, that would be a great help. Or any encouragement would be greatly appreciated.
I've been really bad about putting the blame for my problem on something else: arthritis, old age, knee surgery gone bad, etc. When actually those symptoms would be much improved if I was lighter. Well, not the old age. Can't do much about that.
I'm going to go drag out all those old Light cookbooks and work me out a plan. Wish me luck!!!

Today I've got my livingroom carpet all shampooed and I'm off to the basement to haul up all my Christmas decorations. Boy do I have a bunch!! The little bit of snow must have put me in the Holiday spirit. And my last bazaar is tomorrow. I can't get much except crafty things done until the bazaars are over. After I get the decorations up, I hope to get back to working on my kitchen cupboards. I would love to have a spiffy looking kitchen for our Christmas Eve dinner.
Sounds like my list has been made. I better get to work.

Dec 3, 2008

Check out these other giveaways!

I've come across some more giveaways!
This one is hosted by Angelina's Trinkets. She has several beautiful items that you could win. Better check it out soon. She will be doing the drawing on Christmas Day. Or I should say her grandchildren will be doing the drawing! Here is her link or click on the pic on my sidebar for The Great Christmas Giveaway: http://http//

This is Audrey Country Crafts' December giveaway. She is giving a cookbook and a handbag that she has painted a cute snowman on.

Amber at Recycled Realities is giving an adorable mixed media art quilt.

This is a surprise giveaway! What fun.Trudy at Bits of Wool is hosting it.

Nov 30, 2008

And the winner is...

Ardene........yeah, Congratulations!!!

My granddaughter, Kelly picked the name out of the basket and it was Ardene. I will be sending you an email to ask for your mailing address.

I would like to thank all the people that entered my first giveaway. I couldn't believe the great response that it got. This was so much fun that I'm sure I will have another one. After the holidays though. Things are getting rather busy now, with the shopping and decorating and planning for the Christmas Eve dinner.
We are finally getting some snow tonight that is sticking to the ground. If it keeps it up all night, it will probably mean school delays. But it also looks so pretty when the trees are covered in white.

Again, I would like to thank everyone for entering and check back again please!

Nov 26, 2008

Turkey Day Tomorrow !!

I love Thanksgiving Day!

All of my family gathers at my Mom's house for a big Thanksgiving meal. My youngest daughter decided to take her family to Tennesse to visit with my oldest daughter & her family. Hopefully, by next year they will have moved up closer to home and can go to the family dinners again. But my other daughter & my son will have their families there. I have two sisters and a brother that will have most of their families there too! It's getting harder to get the whole bunch of us together at one time.

This time of year is a happy time of year. But it is also sad for me. My father passed away Dec. 22, 2007. It was just 3 days after my birthday & 3 days before Christmas. I miss my Dad very much! We were best buddies. He raced a racecar at the local racetracks and I would work in the concession stands. I would come home from school and help him work on the car most every day. It used to drive my Mom crazy when she would go out in the garage and find her little girl laying underneath the "piece of junk car"(my Mom's loving name for it) with oil dripping in my hair. I remember Dad teaching me to drive a stick shift when I was 14, so he could push me around the block & we would pop the clutch to get the race car going. And when I went to Drivers Education class...the teacher got quite a shock when he heard that I had already been driving ON A RACE TRACK !! Yes those are very fond memories.
So this Thanksgiving, I am especially thankful for the wonderful times that I got to spend with my Daddy!

Nov 17, 2008

Christmas Giveaway !

Here it is !!
My free Christmas giveaway.
I've put together a group of a couple of my shabby cottage Snowman items to give to one lucky person. Winning this Christmas giveaway will be so easy. Anyone can enter, even non bloggers.
If you leave a comment in this area, that is good for one entry to win. Want to add more chances? Take the picture and link in my sidebar, copy and place it in your sidebar, that's good for another entry. Or for one more entry, post about it in your blog. That's three entries that are possible.
I do appreciate any positive comment that is left. Make sure you leave the link to your blog in your comment so I can read it and tally up your entries. Or leave your email address ( put in your comment that you left your email address at my email if you don't want it posted in the comments, put "giveaway" in subject line ). I would hate to not be able to get in touch with the winner!!
I will be excepting entries from now until Nov. 29 at midnight(US EST).The winner will be selected on November 30th.

That seemed like a lot of writing now you would probably like to see what the prize is?

I made three snowballs, pink, aqua and purple. I placed them in an old bowl that is pink spattered with aqua leaves. It is sitting on a 13" x 13" candlemat that is reversible. One side has snowmen the other is a pink flannel print. Then I have a snowlady that is made out of a sock and is filled with potpourri. She has a gingerbread scent.

Wouldn't this look cute sitting on your table? Just enter here.
Good luck everyone! Spread the word. Happy Holidays!

Nov 14, 2008

Anyone interested in a giveaway?

I'm going to have a giveaway!
This weekend I will be gathering up a vignette of Shabby Cottage Christmas items that I have made. I will post on Monday what they are and all the details. I will be excepting entries from Mon. the 17th until Nov. 29th at midnight.
Please check back and join in on the fun!!

Nov 11, 2008

The economy is having an effect

I do believe the economy is having an effect on how much people are willing to spend on decorations and gifts this year. But I do not fault anyone for that, because I too have been careful with what I've been spending. Christmas for us is going to be very basic. I've found myself getting practical things for my families gifts instead of things that are just cute. And no more NEW decorations...I have plenty from the years before.
This "pinching of pennies" was very evident at my first bazaar. There was not nearly as many shoppers as before. The baby rag quilts were my most looked at items. I sold the "COLTS" quilt, got a custom order for one & a lady is going to call me after she finds out what her daughter is going to have. I did sell a few of the other items, but mostly it was just "Oh how cute! or Isn't that pretty". There were other crafters that weren't having any sells at all. So I'm pleased with what sells I got. Who knows... maybe some of the people that took one of my cards will call me when things are looking better. I know this faltering economy won't last long.
Two more bazaars to go!! I'm confident that they will do well. Sales are usually better the closer it gets to Christmas. I know that I don't really get into the Christmas Spirit until after Thanksgiving. Heck, I'm one of those people you see shopping on Xmas Eve. LOL
This is a couple of the baby quilts from the bazaar.(that are still for sale BTW)

Nov 6, 2008

Almost ready for the first bazaar

We are having super nice weather( in the 60's & 70's) for this time of year. But its supposed to start changing tonight. Figures!! I'm having my first craft bazaar this Sunday and I'll probably have to carry everything in while its raining & snowing. Oh well, they say that's just part of living in Indiana.

First bazaar on Sunday! I've been working on things pretty steadily this past week. I think I should have a nice display. I've rented 2 tables for this first one. I have two more bazaars but I only have 1 table for each of those. I need to print out some business cards tonight, then get things packed up & ready to go. I hope sales will be good! Wish me luck.

I made a couple of these pincushion boxes. They turned out better than I thought.

Oct 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We are having super weather for Trick or Treating this year! It's not to cold & there is no snow. It's great for a change. This is a pic of my three grandkids.
Hope everyone has a SAFE & HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Oct 28, 2008

Oh goodness!

It's been a few days since I've posted. So let's catch up.

The pink kitchen cupboards have been put on hold for a few days , until I can get enough things done for my upcoming bazaars.

Yes, it's BAZAAR time. And if you haven't guessed yet... I tend to put things off till the last minute (hehehe). That means I've been sewing and painting at every available moment. I've signed up for three (yes...three) craft bazaars in November. If I want more than 4 baby blankets & a couple of snowman ornaments to display, I need to keep busy. Amazingly though, I always have a very nice showing with lots of merchandise.

Every year I tell myself that I should start getting some things made for these bazaars starting in the summer. Hummm??? Why didn't that happen this summer? Could it be that I babysit for my three grandkids everyday or swimming or gardening or fixing my In-laws house after they had a major flood problem? Probably! Oh well, maybe next year!!!

Thought you might like to see a couple of things I've put on my Etsy shop for sale. Oh yeah...need to get that fuller too.

Oct 22, 2008

It's up & running!!

Yes...I did get my Etsy shop open for business again! I will be adding a couple of new items every couple of days. There isn't a lot in there just yet. But it is a start!!! Tomorrow I should have that candy dish (with the pearls) listed.

I've also managed to get a little more pink put on the cupboards.

I have a "secret Santa scavenger swap" that I'm a part of in one of my groups. They are pretty fun! And you get to meet such nice people. I've been working on my things to send. In this swap you have to find 5 different things that you make or buy. One of them is something with an angel on it. This is what I made for that. Cute, heh?

Oct 17, 2008

Not enough to do???

Busy! Busy! Busy!
This has been such a busy week. I haven't been posting much, but you might have noticed that I've been playing around with the gadgets on here. It's so much fun! I did put a slideshow over on the side that shows you some of the things that I have done. There is so much you can do on here. And this old lady didn't know anything about computers. Now I have to tell myself "Hey, you need to do the laundry!"

I'm almost ready to get my Etsy shop back open with some listings.I'm hoping to have that done by Monday.
This candy dish is something I painted this week. I think I'll add some pearls to it yet.

I just noticed that I have only three more weeks until my first bazaar. Good Lord I better get BUSIER !!!

And those kitchen cupboards are calling me "Paint me, paint me please."

OK---(shouting loudly)"SELF... Get off the computer & get to work!!"

Oct 13, 2008

before redo!

This is what my hubby saw when I first started doing my cupboards.

It is kinda scary, huh?

Well, it will take me a few days to get it done. Then I will show you the results...good or bad.

Got to get some sewing done too!! Geesh , just not enough time!

Hey and I figured out how to put pictures on my new blog!

(patting myself on the back...LOL)

Oct 12, 2008

getting started!!

WOO HOO !!!!
I finally did it! I am officially a blogger.
Now what do I do next?
I love reading other blogs & most are so informative or cute or funny.
Reading is a lot easier for me than posting right now. But here goes.........

I have done all sorts of crafts since I was a little girl. I've taught decorative painting classes for several years. I love to paint murals on walls and shop at yard sales for treasures to paint. My husband says if it sits still long enough I will paint it.I also love to sew,crochet and do mosaics.
I hope to be showing you some of my creations soon.
I have been doing a lot of primitive, rustic, country things for quite awhile. Then I started doing more of the shabby, cottage style things. Hence the name "Prim 2 Pink". I think I will be sticking with this style for some time. I do like the clean, fresh and fluffier look. And I haven't had many complaints from the rest of the family. Although Hubby wasn't to fond of the aqua color on my kitchen walls at first. Then when I put the first color of pink on the cupboards... He had a puzzled look on his face. I assured him it would look good after I put the white back on top and only left some pink showing where I sand the edges. I'll try and get a pic of the pink paint before I FIX it. Wish I would have got a picture of the expression on his face though. It would have been priceless!!
OK, I will keep you updated on my kitchen redo.
Right now I think I will check out some of the stuff