Oct 17, 2008

Not enough to do???

Busy! Busy! Busy!
This has been such a busy week. I haven't been posting much, but you might have noticed that I've been playing around with the gadgets on here. It's so much fun! I did put a slideshow over on the side that shows you some of the things that I have done. There is so much you can do on here. And this old lady didn't know anything about computers. Now I have to tell myself "Hey, you need to do the laundry!"

I'm almost ready to get my Etsy shop back open with some listings.I'm hoping to have that done by Monday.
This candy dish is something I painted this week. I think I'll add some pearls to it yet.

I just noticed that I have only three more weeks until my first bazaar. Good Lord I better get BUSIER !!!

And those kitchen cupboards are calling me "Paint me, paint me please."

OK---(shouting loudly)"SELF... Get off the computer & get to work!!"

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