Nov 6, 2008

Almost ready for the first bazaar

We are having super nice weather( in the 60's & 70's) for this time of year. But its supposed to start changing tonight. Figures!! I'm having my first craft bazaar this Sunday and I'll probably have to carry everything in while its raining & snowing. Oh well, they say that's just part of living in Indiana.

First bazaar on Sunday! I've been working on things pretty steadily this past week. I think I should have a nice display. I've rented 2 tables for this first one. I have two more bazaars but I only have 1 table for each of those. I need to print out some business cards tonight, then get things packed up & ready to go. I hope sales will be good! Wish me luck.

I made a couple of these pincushion boxes. They turned out better than I thought.

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