Dec 28, 2008

The new year is about to begin

Christmas is over! And what a fantastic Holiday it was. Although it was quite hectic most of the time. It seems that my house was the meeting place for everyone whenever there was a shopping excursion or dinner planning or just a day to play games. But I didn't mind.

Our area got hit really hard with an ice storm a few days before Christmas. We had a few branches fall from our trees out front. All roads were closed for a day and barely passable the next. Luckily the main roads cleared up enough that my daughter & son-in-law didn't have any problems traveling from their home in Tennessee. My sister however, was without electricity for 3 days and we did have to take our big truck and pull out my Mom's friend's truck out of the ditch. Everyone was safe though! Now the excitement has died down and everything is pretty quiet now.

On to the new year!!!

I've been cleaning all the Christmas items out of my Etsy and getting my blog caught up to date. I'll be putting all my Christmas decorations away in the next few days. Then I'm ready to get started on all the new things I have planned.

First on my list are those kitchen cupboards that I started.
Then I need to get busy on making things for a booth that I have rented in a shop nearby. I'll post more on this later.
I want to get lots of things done for my Etsy shop too!
And I have to make a rag quilt for my sister & paint 2 diningroom chairs for my son's fiancee.

I guess this break is over...BACK TO WORK for me!!!

I wish everyone a very Happy and Safe New Year!!!!!

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