Nov 26, 2008

Turkey Day Tomorrow !!

I love Thanksgiving Day!

All of my family gathers at my Mom's house for a big Thanksgiving meal. My youngest daughter decided to take her family to Tennesse to visit with my oldest daughter & her family. Hopefully, by next year they will have moved up closer to home and can go to the family dinners again. But my other daughter & my son will have their families there. I have two sisters and a brother that will have most of their families there too! It's getting harder to get the whole bunch of us together at one time.

This time of year is a happy time of year. But it is also sad for me. My father passed away Dec. 22, 2007. It was just 3 days after my birthday & 3 days before Christmas. I miss my Dad very much! We were best buddies. He raced a racecar at the local racetracks and I would work in the concession stands. I would come home from school and help him work on the car most every day. It used to drive my Mom crazy when she would go out in the garage and find her little girl laying underneath the "piece of junk car"(my Mom's loving name for it) with oil dripping in my hair. I remember Dad teaching me to drive a stick shift when I was 14, so he could push me around the block & we would pop the clutch to get the race car going. And when I went to Drivers Education class...the teacher got quite a shock when he heard that I had already been driving ON A RACE TRACK !! Yes those are very fond memories.
So this Thanksgiving, I am especially thankful for the wonderful times that I got to spend with my Daddy!

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