Nov 11, 2008

The economy is having an effect

I do believe the economy is having an effect on how much people are willing to spend on decorations and gifts this year. But I do not fault anyone for that, because I too have been careful with what I've been spending. Christmas for us is going to be very basic. I've found myself getting practical things for my families gifts instead of things that are just cute. And no more NEW decorations...I have plenty from the years before.
This "pinching of pennies" was very evident at my first bazaar. There was not nearly as many shoppers as before. The baby rag quilts were my most looked at items. I sold the "COLTS" quilt, got a custom order for one & a lady is going to call me after she finds out what her daughter is going to have. I did sell a few of the other items, but mostly it was just "Oh how cute! or Isn't that pretty". There were other crafters that weren't having any sells at all. So I'm pleased with what sells I got. Who knows... maybe some of the people that took one of my cards will call me when things are looking better. I know this faltering economy won't last long.
Two more bazaars to go!! I'm confident that they will do well. Sales are usually better the closer it gets to Christmas. I know that I don't really get into the Christmas Spirit until after Thanksgiving. Heck, I'm one of those people you see shopping on Xmas Eve. LOL
This is a couple of the baby quilts from the bazaar.(that are still for sale BTW)

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