Feb 19, 2009

Did You think I Forgot?

No I didn't forget! I'm still working on some projects for my Easter giveaway. I can tell you that one of them is an Easter raggy quilted tablemat.
I'm a little ((NO A LOT!!))late on my postings lately! We have been passing a virus around in our household this last week or so. My poor granddaughter came home yesterday and laid down on the couch complaining of freezing, headache and just plain too tired to move. She always seems to get the worst of the colds. But I knew what she was feeling cause that's how I felt a couple days ago. On top of that, I found out while I was at the Doctors that my thyroid level was too high.
OK... so now everyone is on the mend and I'm ready to get back to crafting. The first day for my giveaway is going to be coming up soon.
I've got my eyes open for some more Easter treasures and I'll be posting some pictures soon! I promise ;)

Feb 8, 2009

1st Item for Easter giveaway

The first item that I have found to put in my upcoming Easter Giveaway is the packet of stick on letters. They are all pretty spring colors with a touch of sparkle.
Time to watch the Grammies!
I'll continue my search for goodies tomorrow.

Feb 7, 2009

Easter giveaway?

All this snow & cold has been making me think SPRING. So I am starting a collection of things for an Easter giveaway. By the time comes for the giveaway I should have quite a nice collection. There will be more information later. I can tell you that I will have the main post for this giveaway on February 21. The drawing will end on Feb. 28th. That way I can get it sent out in plenty of time for Easter display.
Oh I'm tickled pink with excitement! LOL
I'm off to get started on my findings.
(hint hint) Here is the first thing I've found...
Picture to be posted tomorrow!
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Feb 6, 2009

Valentine Swap

I haven't been posting much lately. I've been so busy getting things done for the spring bazaars coming up. Then one day the postal lady drove up to the house & peeped her horn. That means I have a package that won't fit in my mailbox. I went outside, talked to the postal lady for a quick bit and took my package inside. I noticed who's name was on the box "Nancy Collins". Yippee, this must be my Valentine swap!! I fixed myself a cup of hot tea to warm up and proceeded to open my box. OMG it was packed full to the brim with all kinds of goodies. I noticed the box of chocolates first & had to have a piece while I opened the rest of the packages. Here is a picture of what I received.

Let me tell you...this just made my day. It couldn't have came at a better time. Thank you Nancy!! {{HUGS}} I love it all!
Nancy should be getting her package any day now.
((I forgot to put the card in it that says who it is from, any ways)...
Happy Sweet Valentines !!!!!

This same group of the nicest people are having their first birthday party! You have to be a member to join in the fun, but you might just want to check us out.

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Feb 2, 2009

Valentine Cupcake Giveaway!

If you would like a chance to win some fantastic cupcake giveaways, you should check out this blogsite that I have been visiting! Mammalicious Finds. They say that they are two mamas bringing you fun, funky & fabulous finds for your family!

They are having a Cupcake Extravaganza going on from Feb. 2 to the 6th. They are going to be posting different giveaways every day this week. All of the giveaways are CUPCAKE related. You won't believe some of the yummy looking cupcake candles, valentine cards, magnets and much more. I'm giving away this cute mosaiced cupcake box! You have to go to their site to enter. Either click here...Mammalicious Finds...or click on the button on my sidebar. They will give you the instructions on entering. I'm not sure which day this week that my cupcake box will be posted, but you won't want to miss some of the other giveaways too! Have fun!!