Dec 4, 2008


I know I can do it!!
I've been putting this off for way to long and I've finally convinced myself that


Oh I've known this for a long time, but I've just let it slide on by. Not only has it been taking a toll on my health, but I just plain don't feel good anymore. Where's that energy and spark I use to have? It's in that doughnut I just devoured. Well I've finally done it. It's time for a change!!
I want to be able to put on some pretty clothes again, not just some old baggy t-shirts to hide the tummy. Although from some pictures I've seen, those t-shirts weren't really hiding anything.
So look out family...there's a new lady comin to dinner tonight!!!
I'm not going to wait and make this a New Years resolution. Been there done that! I am starting right now !!! I've even put a tracker on my sidebar so everyone can see my progress.
If any of you have any tips or recipes, that would be a great help. Or any encouragement would be greatly appreciated.
I've been really bad about putting the blame for my problem on something else: arthritis, old age, knee surgery gone bad, etc. When actually those symptoms would be much improved if I was lighter. Well, not the old age. Can't do much about that.
I'm going to go drag out all those old Light cookbooks and work me out a plan. Wish me luck!!!

Today I've got my livingroom carpet all shampooed and I'm off to the basement to haul up all my Christmas decorations. Boy do I have a bunch!! The little bit of snow must have put me in the Holiday spirit. And my last bazaar is tomorrow. I can't get much except crafty things done until the bazaars are over. After I get the decorations up, I hope to get back to working on my kitchen cupboards. I would love to have a spiffy looking kitchen for our Christmas Eve dinner.
Sounds like my list has been made. I better get to work.

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