Oct 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

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I hope everyone has had a Spooktacular weekend! My family has a get-together for this holiday instead of taking the kids trick-or-treating every day. This year we put up a huge tent and had lots of activities and decorations outside. Here are some of the pictures I have now.

My son's dog, Emerson in his devil outfit.
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Some of the food that we made:
deviled egg eyeballs and monster sloppy joes
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cut-out cheese slices and a white chocalate covered spoon with yogurt, a mandarin orange & pineapple. These were really yummy.
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cream cheese stuffed ham fingers
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and lots of deserts
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Some of the decor in the corner of the tent
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I will post about our party again when I get more pictures.

This was after pumpkin carving day!
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Now I know you are wondering.....

I haven't forgot! I've just got a little side-tracked with this Halloween party. So I've decided to have two giveaways!!
The first one I will post on Tuesday. It will be a quick one that will only run for a few days because it will have Thanksgiving items in it.
The next one will run a little longer and it will be Christmas themed.
I think you will be happy with what I have chose.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!!!

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Oct 2, 2010

I've been pretty lucky!

I've won a few giveaways this month!

The first one was from the Gum Tree Designers for their 1st Birthday givaway. I won Dawn Hays bundle of goodies.
I love the cute seam ripper and the toffee (that came all the way from Australia) was deelish!!!
Be sure to check out there blog!
They are going to have some Christmas Freebies starting in October.

The next one was from Deb at A Fine Feathered Nest.
She made this adorable Christmas tin that is a tealight holder.
She loves the shabby style and makes lovely handpainted roses. I can't wait to add it to my Christmas decor.

The next one is from Leslie at "The Crafty Mom" blog.
She has been a prim blog friend of mine for a quite a while. What a pleasant lady to chat with. These are the goodies that she sent to me.
The votive candle smells wonderful & the little ceramic punkin is perfect for my shelf.

Just today, I found out that I've won the giveaway at Hearthside Happenings too.
Jacki has some great primitive items for sale in her two shops. You should go check it out (She has another giveaway going again also. You'll see it on my sidebar). Can't wait to get this in the mail.

Did you notice that I have reached 100 followers?
I am going to get my own giveaway put together and I will be posting about it in a few days. I'm thinking it will be something for the Autumn season and also something to decorate for Thanksgiving.
First I have to finish canning some apples, freezing some pumpkin puree and making grape jelly.
Hummm, I hope my sewing machine hasn't seized up from just sitting there, not being used :o}