Jan 28, 2010

prim2pink ~ letter B

Here comes Judy running down the school's hallway as fast as her little legs will move. Uh oh, the principal has spotted her "Miss Judy...there will be no running in the hall!!"
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"Yes Sir" she says as she stumbles over her feet trying to slow them down. She finally gets to her room and rushes in. "Mrs. Matlock, Mrs. Matlock!!"

"Judy dear, would you please quit tugging at my dress and take your seat? Class is about to begin?" replies Mrs. Matlock.

Just as Judy turns to go to her seat, (the seat in the front row right next to the teacher's desk) "he" walks in! ♥Billy Burton♥ No one could be as cute as Billy. With his mop of red hair hanging in his face and the cutest green eyes. Ahhhhh!!!!

"Everyone take your seat now." Mrs. Matlock was ready to start the day.
"Judy what was it that you wanted to tell me?"

"Mrs. Matlock...Billy Burton was a Bad Boy on the Bus today!!!"

Oh no, did she just get her secret sweetie in trouble? She sure did! Somehow Miss Judy had the idea that he needed some extra attention as she stood up, turned around and pointed straight at him. "Billy Burton is a Bad Boy!"

Billy had quit talking to his friends by now and glared right back at her.
" What?" he said.

Mrs Matlock walks over to Judy "Let's sit back down and you can tell me what happened."

"Well" she explains, "Billy took the Blue Barrette out of my Blonde hair! And now it won't ...it won't...it just won't do anything!!" she shouts. Then she quickly glances back to make sure Billy is still looking at her and she flits her hair quickly out of her face.

"Billy, do you still have Judy's barrette?" Mrs. Matlock asks.
Billy puts his hand in his trouser pocket and pulls out the blue barrette along with a small stick, piece of gum and an eraser. "Yes maam." He wimpers.

Mrs. Matlock has figured out by now that Judy was just trying to get herself noticed by the boy. So she decides to take matters into her own hands and resolve this quick. She gets the barrette and puts it gently back into Judy's hair. "Billy I would like for you to come up here and write your name on the chalkboard 10 times."

Billy shuffles his way up to the front of the room and starts writing.
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Then Mrs. Matlock turns to Judy and says " When he is through I would like you to clean the board." Judy looks up at Mrs. Matlock a little puzzled and then glances over to see that Billy has turned around. He is smiling at her! Billy Burton has smiled at Judy!!!
"Yes Mrs. Matlock." She said with a deep sigh ♥

I think Billy will be Judy's BEST BUDDY someday! Don't you?

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