Jan 19, 2010


I would much rather read other blogs & leave comments for them than write on my own blog! Not that there isn't stuff happening here or I don't have much to say. I just get so wrapped up in my hunt of finding such interesting stuff. So I'm still here, just hopping around.
Maybe you have noticed that I've put a button on my sidebar that looks like this ▼▼▼
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I have been doing a little blog organizing!
If you click on that side button it will take you to another blog that I've made to feature the great giveaway finds that I've run across during my hopping around.
Now I need to work on all the sewing sites I have posted :0}

I'm also playing with PhotoShop! Got one for Christmas and it's not as easy to figure out as I thought it would be. Just another thing to detract from the things I really should be doing.

Did you also notice that I won Jenny Matlock's giveaway!! Yes I did!!!! I could not believe my eyes. I am so excited.
She was giving away a $50 gift certificate to Tasteful Gardens. Now I can order some strawberry plants
Image and video hosting by TinyPic to plant in those tubs that Hubby brought home for me to make a raised garden in. She lives in Arizona & is having nice enough weather to still have a garden. Now she has me in a gardening mood. Even though I still can't see anything green in sight here right now. Just a frosty white. A girl can dream though!!!
Jenny is such a generous, funny and well-liked lady. Her daily posts are so creative. You can't help but strike up a friendship with her. So go tell her I told ya to stop by.

I've also been working on some Easter things to get my Etsy shop a going again! Sneak peeks ;0}
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I'm really thinking of quitting the booth I have at a local shop and just trying to sell on Etsy. I'm finding it a little hard to keep up with both. With the economy the way it is, I'm just barely selling enough things at the store to pay for my rent. There isn't much profit in that for me, just for the store owner!
Looks like I have some serious pondering to do. So I'm going to go get a cuppa coffee. Oh darn! The peanut butter cake is gone :0{
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