Feb 4, 2010

prim2pink ~ letter C

All the children were sitting quietly in their seats while listening to Mrs. Matlock read a story from the library book. Then a screech came across the loud speaker "Mrs. Matlock, you have a visitor waiting here in the office."
"Thank you. I'll be there in a couple of minutes" Mrs. Matlock replied.
Luckily she was toward the end of the book, so she finished the story and then told all the children to get a clean piece of paper out while she put the book away.
"I have invited someone here as surprise for you. Children I would like you to get your Crayons out and color a picture of anything you would like. I will be right back." Off she went towards the office.
All the children got out their crayons and started coloring.
A few minutes later, Mrs. Matlock walked into the classroom with a pretty young lady.
Mrs. Matlock & the lady stood in front of the class, "Children I would like you to put down your crayons now. I have someone I would like you to meet." said Mrs. Matlock " I would like for you to say Hi to Carin."

"Hello Carin!!" the children all chimed in.

"Carin is going to college to study Color psychology." continued Mrs. Matlock."I will let Carin explain."

"Hello children!" said Carin. " Do all of you know that there are studies that believe each color has a feeling? I am going to school to learn about colors and their feelings. I've asked Mrs. Matlock to have each of you color on a piece of paper and we are going to see if we can tell what your feelings may be right now. Won't that be fun?"

"Yeesss!!" the children were all excited to see what she could tell them.

Mrs. Matlock had gathered all the colored pictures while Carin was speaking and put them in a pile on her desk.

Carin picked the first one on the pile and held it up.

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"Do you see how the color used the most in this picture is PINK?
Pink is a kind color. It means you are sweet and sensitive."
Then she laid that paper down and picked up another. "What color is in this picture class?" asked Carin.

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"Green!!" shouted the children.
"You are right" said Carin. "Green is a color for safety. It means that you are generous and goodwilled. Next we have Purple. Do any of you know what that might mean?"

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"A King!" said Robby "I drew a king!"
"You are actually right Robby. It is a color for people that are well liked and mysterious." Carin said.

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"This color is yellow" Carin said as she held up the next paper. "Yellow is a happy color. This person is probably very playful". All the kids turned towards Cathy. They knew she had colored that paper and she was a happy person. Carin is guessing everybody right so far.

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"Then we have this color...red! Red is for people that get excited. They are usually quick and get bored easy. Do you think that the study is pretty close to being right?" Carin asked the children.

They all looked at each other in amazement, "Yeah! It is!"they all shouted.
"Mrs. Matlock?" Cathy said as she was pointing towards the floor. "There's another paper on the floor.
"Whoops! I did drop one." Carin bent down and picked up the paper. Mrs. Matlock started laughing as she looked to see who's it was. It was Judy's paper and it looked like this!

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"Now how do you explain this one Carin?" she snickered.
Hummmmmmm..... COLORFUL

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