Feb 25, 2010

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“I am so glad that all of you children did so well on your exam last week.” said Mrs. Matlock. “To celebrate we are going to go on a Field Trip today”.
“Yay !!” shouted the children.
“Where are we going Mrs. Matlock?” said Judy as she was putting on her jacket.
“I know I've asked your parents to keep this a secret, but I will tell you now that we are going to go visit a flower farm. That is why I've asked you to wear your jackets and boots” explained Mrs. Matlock.
Everyone was all set to leave and they boarded the bus. It was just a short trip to the flower farm. As they pulled into the driveway, Mrs. Matlock asks “Who can tell me what the sign says?”
Everyone shouted at one time “ Franke's Flower Farm!! Yay we're here!”
When the bus came to a stop, Mrs. Matlock stood up and looked back at the children. “ Before we get off the bus and since this is your first field trip, I have a couple of rules you must follow...
First, you must all stay together
Second, you must all listen to Mr. Franke
Third, take a good look at all the pretty flowers
let's all have fun!”
The children were all excited as they filed out of the bus. Mr. Franke greeted them at the door. “Hello kids! I am Mr. Franke. Let's go look at some of my flowers.” First they came upon some foxgloves growing in the field beside the driveway.

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“That's a funny name” said Susie.
“Yes it is” chuckled Mr. Franke. “You must know that this plant is very pretty but it can also be very dangerous because it is a poisonous plant. We aren't going to go touch or smell this one. “
“Wow! Flowers are poisonous?” Georgie asked in amazement.
Next they saw lots of plants growing in pots along the shop wall.
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“These are some of the herbs that we grow” said Mr. Franke. “There are also plants that you can eat and they are good for you. It's very important that you should always ask an adult about flowers before you pick or smell them.”
“Oh I like this one! It is my favorite colors!!” Missy said as she pointed towards the ones hanging from the pergola.
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“Those are very pretty Missy. I know what they are. They are called Fuschia” Mrs. Matlock said with a grin.
“Now I'm going to take you to the magical part of our flower farm” Mr. Franke said very mysteriously. This is our Fairy Gardens”. All the children stopped walking and looked around. “ This garden is where our fairies come out in the evening and dance among the little flowers. Sometimes they will peek out and see what you are doing, So look very closely” Mr. Franke told the children as he bent over to look under one of the Fern leaves that he had brushed aside. This was the part of the field trip that he most enjoyed. He watched in pure delight as the children were so desperately trying to catch a glimpse of a Fairy amongst the miniature little Furniture that he had made and placed in his garden.

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Mrs. Matlock noticed that Judy was yawning. So she glanced at her watch and saw that it was time to leave. “It's time to go kids! Tell Mr. Franke Thank You for the tour”.
“Thanks Mr. Franke” they all chanted as they were boarding the bus. “We had a lot of Fun!”

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