Feb 11, 2010

prim2pink ~ AlphabeThursday

A New Dress for the Dance

The school is having a Valentine's Dance for everyone on Friday. Judy is so excited! She overheard Billy telling his friends that he was going to be there. She can't wait to go home and tell her Mom about the dance. Oh it's going to be so much fun, she thought.
The bus pulled up to her house to let her out and she almost fell out the door trying to hurry into the house. "Be careful Judy" said the driver. Judy looked back and smiled then continued on her way up her driveway. She burst in the front door yelling "Mom, Mom where are you?"
"In the kitchen" her Mom yelled back. "What's wrong Judy?"
"Mom look!" she said as she handed her Mom the note from Mrs. Matlock. "We are having a dance at school! Can I go??"
Her Mom took a deep breath, relieved that there wasn't a major catastrophe happening. She could see that Judy was pretty excited though. "This would be your first dance, wouldn't it? That would make any little girl a bit anxious. I'm sure you will be able to attend Judy. Maybe we should go shopping tonight for a brand new dress?"
" What? A DRESS!" Judy questioned. "Why do I need a DRESS?"
You see, Judy is a bit of a Tomboy and dresses aren't in her wardrobe very often. But she knew that her Mom wouldn't let her go to the dance in her old holey jeans and a t-shirt. After supper they would go shopping!
Judy and her Mom were in the car on the way to the Shopping Mall, when her Mom tells her "Judy I remember seeing a beautiful dress in this little girls store. I think you will like it. We will go there first."
"OK" she said reluctantly.
When they got to the Mall, her Mom got out of the car and started quickly walking to the doors. "Come on Judy! This is going to be so much fun."
Somehow Judy had a feeling this wasn't going to be as much fun for her as it was for her Mom.
Then when she saw this store coming up that had all the pink, glittery and sparkly signs...she knew. This was not good!
Mom walked right over to the row of dresses and pulled out this DRESS.

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"MOM!! Not that one! It's too pink and Puffy!" Judy whined.
Mom held it out in front of her and said "But it has some matching pink glitter shoes and you would look so beautiful."

NWT sz. 3 GAP Pink  glitter Ballet shoe Pictures, Images and Photos

"But I don't want to be BEAUTIFUL. I just want to dance and you can't dance with those shoes. The glitter would fall off and everybody would know it was from me." Judy was trying her hardest not to cry.
Mom realized that Judy wasn't quite ready to be that dressy yet so she agreed. "I think you are right Judy. This is more of a wedding dress isn't it? What do you think would be a good dancing dress?"
Judy went down the aisles until she found a pretty blue dress. "This is it Mom. I found the perfect dress".
Mom agreed again. It was the perfect dancing dress and her little girl was going to be absolutely beautiful in it.

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Friday finally came. All the children were talking about going to the dance. Judy got all dressed up in her pretty blue dress and she did look lovely. Even Billy Burton walked by her and gave her a slug on the arm while he was saying "You look OK".
Judy thought to herself "OK is good!! This is a good night!"

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