Jul 26, 2009

Looky! Looky! Looky!

I went "garage sale" hunting yesterday and looky what I found!!!

I've been in a crafty kinda slump lately. Too much canning, freezing and weeding to do lately. I got that all caught up for now. So I grabbed my coin jar :0} and left for a country drive. I really love to just get in my car and go places by myself. That way I can go where I want and do what I want to do. I don't mind the quiet !!!
I found some really cool stuff. Those chairs were only $ 1 a piece and they aren't a bit wobbly. Just need some TLC and PAINT. Maybe I shouldn't say how much they were in case someone reads my blog and shops at my booth in town. Oh well !! If you do just remember that the extra money I make will just let me buy more stuff to do. hehehe

I guess that was just what I needed cause now I'm anxious to get started!
To heck with the laundry!! I've got some sanding to do !!
And remember those kitchen cupboards? I think I'll get the flowers painted on them too since I have the paintbrushes out again! I also have 2 milkcans to paint for a friend.
WOW !!! I'll keep you posted on my progress!

Jul 21, 2009

What??? Vacation is over?

Why is it that you can go away for a couple of weeks and have an absolutely glorious time then.............

You come home and you are behind on everything?
Laundry seems to have piled up, weeds are knee high, pool needs swept, veggies are needing to be picked and canned, school clothes & supplies need to be bought, the dog's hair is over its eyes & needs trimmed, and sewing & painting ( Do I still know how to do that? ).

OK OK, I need to get out of the daydreaming mode and get back into the swing of things!!

I picked some zucchini today, so tomorrow I'll make some zucchini bread. I have 2 baby blankets that are close to being done. I know I can get them finished and post to my Etsy shop. And poor Betsy (our Shitzu) really does need to see again:)

I'm going to go to bed now and get an early start tomorrow.
I'll keep you posted!!!LOL

Jul 19, 2009

Do you love cannas?

Aren't these pink cannas just beautiful?

You have to go visit Paula at her new blog, Pondalicious Plants ! She is also selling on Etsy and Ebay too.
This Texas gal has a passionate obsession with water and bog plants. Come join her in what she calls a soggy, wonderful world...
Good Luck Paula in your new ventures!

Jul 16, 2009

It's raining!

Hello Friends,

Don't you just love when it's raining in the evenings. I do!!

It could rain all night! It's not like I have something I have to do outside in the dark. Right?

I have a loveseat that sits next to a window that I can usually keep open at least halfway. I'll get me a cup of tea and curl up on that sofa, listen to the rain falling and usually enjoy a slight breeze blowing in. That is what's going to happen tonight as long as it doesn't blow up a storm.
Hummmmm...and you know what I'm thinkin??

WaHooo, I don't have to drag the hose out & water the garden tomorrow!

Even more reason to enjoy this night!!
Hope you have a rainy kind of night tonight too!

Jul 15, 2009

Alaskan Glaciers

Here are some more pictures of our Alaskan vacation! These are of the glaciers. Aren't they magnificent?

Do you see the cave area at the bottom of the glacier by the water? There is a waterfall formed from the ice melting inside the glacier.

The water was coming out so fast it was making a loud rumbling noise that you could hear way before you even got to the glacier.

Here is Kelly taking in the view from the balcony of our room on the ship.

The glaciers had the most brilliant color of blue stripes. I was amazed at how much dirt was on them though.

Seagulls were having a rest on top of one of the icebergs.

There were lots of icebergs floating in the bay. They were pieces of the glaciers that had fallen off.

Grampy and Kelly were having a great time exploring the ship. I think Kelly got a little tooo used to the excellent service on board !!
But even on vacation....there is a few things that still have to be done. Even Laundry!!!!


Jul 13, 2009

More Giveaways!!

It seems that I have taken a break from all the cookin' and craftin' and just been a computin" today. LOL

While I was a browsing around, I found a couple more giveaways that I need to mention.

On Audrey's Giveaway Blog she has the cutest strawberries & sweets headband made by Michele.
Snazz is Michele's wonderful children's shop on Etsy!

At Simply Heart and Home, Gina is giving away this cool Debbie Mumm apron. That's Gina doing her "curtsy" modeling. You'll find out about that on her blog.

Don't forget to check on the ones I mentioned on my earlier post today!


I thought you might like to check out these giveaways.

Marydon, over at her blog Blushing Rose Boutique is having a celebration giveaway of all these beautiful items. Aren't they just wonderful? Please go check this out.

It's time for Cindy's monthly giveaway party at My Romantic Home!
She is giving away either a lovely teapot or
this cute garden angel donated by Jen at Vintage Home Interiors.

Over at Mammalicious Finds you will find a fabulous giveaway from Cinnamon Creek Country Candles for this yummylicious grubby loaf candle scented in sugar cookies.

Have fun everyone!!!

Jul 10, 2009

Cherries are done!

Unless my brother brings more over this weekend....cherries are done!
14 qts of frozen, 7 half pints cherry sauce (oh so yummy on ice cream), 13 half pints of cherry jelly and 2 qt. juice. I love how jellies sparkle in the light. LOL

Does anyone have any suggestions for the yellow squash? My daughter has a recipe for a casserole that is pretty good. This is the first year for growing these. I'll have to do some research on whether to can or freeze.
I promised a few pictures of Alaska from our vacation. These are the pics of the whales. They are so huge but still beautiful. We were told that they are having there babies at this time and they aren't as playful as they usually are. They were just skimming at the top of the water then you could watch there tail fin go under.
Absolutely amazing!!!!

And the Eagles were magnificent...oh and I can't forget the moose!

I took over 1000 pics and I will be posting some more. You just have to see the glaciers!!

Jul 8, 2009

It's Berry Pickin Time !!

Well I'm back from vacation. We had an absolutely wonderful time. I will post some pictures when I get them sorted.

Now its time to get started on the canning & freezing.
My daughter & I got 30 pounds of sour cherries yesterday. I just finished up today of pitting and freezing most of them. Tonight or tomorrow I will can some cherry jelly and some juice. I have some cooked cherries hanging to drain right now.

We had quite an assembly line going on yesterday. The 2 granddaughters were rinsing & taking the stems off. My Mom, daughter and I were pitting them and my grandson was measuring and filling the bags. I would have taken a picture but my hands were to sticky. I sent enough cherries home with my Mom so she and Mike could make us a couple of pies. YUMMY!!! My brother said he may have more cherries too.

I missed going to the strawberry farm and getting strawberries. They ripened while I was on vacation. I'm trying to find someone around here that is going to thin their strawberry patch out. I'd like to grow my own again. My hubby brought home some plastic crates to make raised beds for a big patch.

Raspberries should be next!
I picked the first zucchini, yellow squash and jalepeno pepper out of the garden today too.
Aren't these baby melons so cute?