Jul 10, 2009

Cherries are done!

Unless my brother brings more over this weekend....cherries are done!
14 qts of frozen, 7 half pints cherry sauce (oh so yummy on ice cream), 13 half pints of cherry jelly and 2 qt. juice. I love how jellies sparkle in the light. LOL

Does anyone have any suggestions for the yellow squash? My daughter has a recipe for a casserole that is pretty good. This is the first year for growing these. I'll have to do some research on whether to can or freeze.
I promised a few pictures of Alaska from our vacation. These are the pics of the whales. They are so huge but still beautiful. We were told that they are having there babies at this time and they aren't as playful as they usually are. They were just skimming at the top of the water then you could watch there tail fin go under.
Absolutely amazing!!!!

And the Eagles were magnificent...oh and I can't forget the moose!

I took over 1000 pics and I will be posting some more. You just have to see the glaciers!!

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