Jul 21, 2009

What??? Vacation is over?

Why is it that you can go away for a couple of weeks and have an absolutely glorious time then.............

You come home and you are behind on everything?
Laundry seems to have piled up, weeds are knee high, pool needs swept, veggies are needing to be picked and canned, school clothes & supplies need to be bought, the dog's hair is over its eyes & needs trimmed, and sewing & painting ( Do I still know how to do that? ).

OK OK, I need to get out of the daydreaming mode and get back into the swing of things!!

I picked some zucchini today, so tomorrow I'll make some zucchini bread. I have 2 baby blankets that are close to being done. I know I can get them finished and post to my Etsy shop. And poor Betsy (our Shitzu) really does need to see again:)

I'm going to go to bed now and get an early start tomorrow.
I'll keep you posted!!!LOL

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