Jul 26, 2009

Looky! Looky! Looky!

I went "garage sale" hunting yesterday and looky what I found!!!

I've been in a crafty kinda slump lately. Too much canning, freezing and weeding to do lately. I got that all caught up for now. So I grabbed my coin jar :0} and left for a country drive. I really love to just get in my car and go places by myself. That way I can go where I want and do what I want to do. I don't mind the quiet !!!
I found some really cool stuff. Those chairs were only $ 1 a piece and they aren't a bit wobbly. Just need some TLC and PAINT. Maybe I shouldn't say how much they were in case someone reads my blog and shops at my booth in town. Oh well !! If you do just remember that the extra money I make will just let me buy more stuff to do. hehehe

I guess that was just what I needed cause now I'm anxious to get started!
To heck with the laundry!! I've got some sanding to do !!
And remember those kitchen cupboards? I think I'll get the flowers painted on them too since I have the paintbrushes out again! I also have 2 milkcans to paint for a friend.
WOW !!! I'll keep you posted on my progress!

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