Jul 8, 2009

It's Berry Pickin Time !!

Well I'm back from vacation. We had an absolutely wonderful time. I will post some pictures when I get them sorted.

Now its time to get started on the canning & freezing.
My daughter & I got 30 pounds of sour cherries yesterday. I just finished up today of pitting and freezing most of them. Tonight or tomorrow I will can some cherry jelly and some juice. I have some cooked cherries hanging to drain right now.

We had quite an assembly line going on yesterday. The 2 granddaughters were rinsing & taking the stems off. My Mom, daughter and I were pitting them and my grandson was measuring and filling the bags. I would have taken a picture but my hands were to sticky. I sent enough cherries home with my Mom so she and Mike could make us a couple of pies. YUMMY!!! My brother said he may have more cherries too.

I missed going to the strawberry farm and getting strawberries. They ripened while I was on vacation. I'm trying to find someone around here that is going to thin their strawberry patch out. I'd like to grow my own again. My hubby brought home some plastic crates to make raised beds for a big patch.

Raspberries should be next!
I picked the first zucchini, yellow squash and jalepeno pepper out of the garden today too.
Aren't these baby melons so cute?


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