Dec 14, 2009

Time for School Christmas Musicals

I really enjoy going to the grandkids school programs. They are so enjoyable. Some of the kids will be pouring their hearts out as if they think they may be the next Hannah Montana (who knows, they may just be) while some are just standing there trying not to be noticed. And there is always the little one that has to make you laugh cause he is trying to outdo the little girl next to him and she keeps pushing his hands down from in front of her. :0}
This is a picture of my oldest granddaughter at her Christmas program. (I know it is a terrible pic. I'm just not a good photographer) Kelly is the girl in the red dress on the end of the row.

I know that my daughter took better pictures. So I can show you more when I get them from her.
Kelly goes to an elementary school that has kids from kindergarten to 5th grade. The school had so many people come to the programs that there wasn't enough seating or parking. So last year most of the schools in this area started having a Christmas program that split the classes in half. Now Kindergarten, 2nd grade & 4th grade have a Christmas program and 1st grade, 3rd grade & 5th grade have a Spring musical program. It's just the opposite at my other grandkids school. It seems to work out quite well.
Well I need to get to craftin'. I have one more order for a Mary, Joseph & baby dolls to finish.
Happy Holidays to all!

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