Dec 18, 2009

Finishing up on all my projects!

I got one of the Christmas trees decorated. I collect snowman ornies & I try to get one new one each year. This year I got 2 ornies for the pink tree. A seashell from our visit to Florida & a pair of pink Eskimo boots from our visit to Alaska this summer. (I still haven't found the topper yet)

I let Kelly decorate the pink tree. She did a pretty good job.

AHA!!!There is my snowman topper! Kelly used it on the pink tree. Looks like we will be making one for the big tree. :0}

I spent the last two days with my son's girlfriend and another good friend making some Christmas goodies. Look at all this yummy stuff.

We made butterscotch haystacks, Oreo truffles, cornflake wreaths, chocolate covered cherries, walnut fudge, chocolate pretzels, chocolate covered peanut butter & crackers, buckeyes, white chocolate pretzels, turtle pretzels, pecan balls, and the leftover chocolate we poured in little forms. I must say that my favorite new recipe that we tryed are these Oreo truffles. They are delicious. And pretty easy. All it takes is Oreos, cream cheese & chocolate. Here is where you can find the recipe.

I also finished up my last craft order! These Mary & Joseph dolls turned out so cute. They are from a pattern by 'You Are Special'. I will definately make some more for next year.

I have been so bad about not getting things put in my Etsy shop this year. I have some good ideas for things to do after the holidays. I'm hoping then I can get back into the normal swing of things.
Now I just have some last minute shopping & wrapping to do and I will get my Christmas cookies baked next week. Whew!!! Right now I need to do some house cleaning. All my kids & grandkids are coming over tomorrow for some homemade potato soup and grilled ham & cheese sandwichs to celebrate my birthday. The good thing is that they are making everything!!!!
Happy Holidays!

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