Jan 23, 2012

Jordan's Desk

This will be a quick post to show you the desk that I painted for my grandaughter. She wanted lots of bright colors. So I painted it with some of the purple from her walls and some pink, green and light blue. I knew she would have stuff sitting on her desk so I just painted some simple flowers in the corners. She was very happy with it.
While we were upstairs painting Kelly's room, we also painted the landing room (the area at the top of the stairs). There isn't much room in that space but I fit a twin bed up there for when one of the other grandkids come to stay. The armoire was my husbands when he was a small boy. As you can tell, this is called the 'monkey' room. I have a small collection of sock monkeys. Kelly took these pictures and you can't see that I have sock monkey ornies on my little tree too.

See the green wall in the next room? That is Kelly's room. I will post about it next.
Meanwhile...This is our next project.........

I'm really anxious to get this room done. All my sewing and painting supplies have been packed away and I really would like to get them out again soon. Even though I'm having a lot of fun picking out colors and figuring out where I'm going to put everything.
Now you know what I've been doing on these cold snowy days.

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