Dec 30, 2011

Bonnie's Stools are Done

Remember these?

This is a picture of one of Bonnie's barstools and Jordan's desk that I had started awhile back.

I did get them all painted right before Thanksgiving, but I sent them home before I got some pictures of them.

Well I did get some pictures of Bonnie's barstools. They were a lot of fun to paint. They started out as plain black stools. I sanded them down a little and applied a gold crackle paint over the legs. Bonnie likes a very primitive look, so I distressed them a little more and then antiqued them with a wood stain.

And next was the tops.
I haven't done any decorative painting for awhile. I guess I just got a little tired of it and started sewing instead. I seem to do that a lot...go in spurts with one craft then another. But while I was painting these stools I realized that I really miss painting.
Anyways... I think you might like to see the tops, right?
Bonnie likes roosters and her kitchen was just redone with reds and gold colors. You might remember the cupboards that we redid in an antique red.
OK OK here are the tops of the stools.

Bonnie and my son, Tom loved them. I had to explain to Tom that I put a couple of coats of clear on them to help keep them from scratching. He wasn't going to let anyone sit on them. LOL

I got Jordan's desk done too, but I can't find those pictures yet. I'll keep looking.
My daughter Tammi and I have redone Kelly's room too. We decided to start at the top of the house and work our way down with some very much needed updating of my home. There should be plenty of pictures to come.
My goal this year is to get some projects finished that I've started. It looks like another busy year again for me.
I hope everyone is having a great time during these holidays!

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