Feb 3, 2012

Kelly's room

This year has been a remodel and spruce up kinda year for me. My daughter Tammi and I have been doing some work around my house. My upstairs used to be 5 small rooms. Now there are only 3. We took a wall down between a couple of the rooms and made them bigger. What an improvement!

Kelly was excited to get a new room. She was getting tired of the horses I had painted on her walls before.But her Mom still liked them so they switched rooms.

Kelly wanted bright colors. We went with the colors in a comforter that she liked. Now it is definitely bright and cheery!

She wanted her walls to be bright green...

and her closet to be purple...

I took an antique bed that my daughter Steph didn't want anymore and painted it orange...
looks like she needs more practice at making beds.

Tammi and I took an old desk that I got at an auction and made some built in shelves and desk....

I'm keeping my eye out for a chair for her desk. There is also a loveseat in the corner that you can't see. It is the old one that was in our livingroom that just got replaced with new. I am going to make a slipcover for it using some sheets that match the ones on her bed. 
Did you notice the board going across the ceiling? That is where we tore the wall out to make the room bigger. This old farmhouse is over 100 years old and nothing is level or square. It was built like an old barn with beams that were chiseled by hand. So we had to put the board there to cover up where the two ceilings didn't match up.
Now she has a room that is "FIT for a PRETEEN", don't you think?

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