Nov 30, 2011

I know, I know

I'm beginning to sound like an old broken record. I have been lurking around and once in awhile you might have noticed that I've commented on some of your blogs, but I sure have neglected my blog this time. Anyways....
Today was the first day that we've all had school and work closings. Not because of the first snow that we got, but mostly because it started out as rain yesterday and that made frozen, slick roads this morning. I guess that means that ole man winter has finally arrived. Yuck! You would have thought that I could've gotten some things done around the house. But that didn't happen. I spent a lot of time picking up wet gloves and hats from the grandkids. It seems that the wet snow is packing really well and they keep going back outside to build a snow fort. I did get some peanut butter cookies made to go with the hot cocoa they enjoyed.
I really have been quite busy these last couple of months. My daughter and I have remodeled Kelly's bedroom and the upstairs landing. I'll post about that soon. And I've gotten some things painted. I need to get some pictures taken and then I can tell you more about it all. So until then...
Stay warm!!

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