Feb 6, 2011

What else can you do when it's Super Bowl time?

Well I'm going to tell you what I sent to Amy for our swap!
She let me know that she received my package and she liked it all.
I think she liked the crow & sunflower spring makedo the best. She collects crow (you would know that if you checked out her blog. LOL)
I also sent a prim ladybug for the doll we were supposed to include.

But MY favorite thing that I sent her was the candlestick.

But look!

I have another one that I can paint for myself!

I'm glad that she liked everything and it was a very fun swap. Now I need to get some Easter Eggs done for another swap! But first...

I have to show you what my youngest granddaughter has made on her new sewing machine.

She made a rag quilt tablemat for her Mom and a scarf for her friend at school. She was a really quick learner. My older granddaughter is learning to crochet. What is really funny is that Jordan (the youngest) was spending the night last weekend & during the night she was having a nightmare. She would keep screaming "NO NO". Finally I woke her up & asked her what was wrong. Her reply was " Gramma I was having a bad dream. I made a great big raggy quilt for the bed and when I was finished I found a mistake in the middle & I had to take it all apart". OH MY GOSH!! Now I'm giving my grandkids nightmares. Her Mom just fell on the floor laughing.
Speaking of raggy quilts...I don't think I showed you the quilt I finally finished a few weeks ago. Jordan's birthday quilt!

Grampy went outside today with Angie, Tammi and the grandkids & had some fun in the snow!
Do you see the tunnel they dug through the pile of snow?
They might be having a blast in this snow, but I'm longing for the hyacinths to be peeking out from under it.

Well I think I'm going to work on those Easter eggs while I watch the end of the football game! That's the only part I like (the end) LOL

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