Feb 12, 2011

It's been one of those kinda nights

Tonight is Friday Night SewIn and I had big plans a couple of days ago. Now I have a sinus cold and I'm finding it difficult to sew with watery eyes and a drippy nose. But I was determined to get something done! I wanted to work on the pinwheel quilt I'm making for my sister. So I got one of the blocks cut out and the four corner blocks sewn together. When I tried to get the pinwheel figured out it wouldn't go together right. I had sewed all four of the blocks with the orange & white fabrics in the wrong place. All of the seams had to be taken apart! Then when I sewed them back together again, I noticed that I had tore the orange fabric when I had ripped it apart on 1 of the blocks. Now I have to cut some more orange. Got them all sewed together again & was squaring them off to a 6" square and 1 of the blocks was too small! Dang, must've sewn my seam too big. Back to more ripping apart & I have to be careful this time cause I know I don't have any extra hummingbird fabric if I tear that fabric. (cough cough sneeze) Whew finally got it all sewed together! The points aren't coming together very well but I know Brenda won't care. TA DA Here it is!

Now I'm exhausted!! That's it for me tonight. I'm going to write this post yet tonight and schedule it for tomorrow cause I plan on sleeping in late. I'm going to go take some cold medicine and go to bed.
Nighty Night!


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