Nov 20, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

I didn't get a lot accomplished for my Friday night Sew-in. I did get my fabrics prewashed & dryed. Then I was cutting away at the squares when my doorbell rang. Company dropped by! So I will have to try again tonight. I would like to get the squares all sandwiched together tonight. If you're not familiar about raggy quilts, it takes 3 squares of fabrics that are sewn together with an X, then you sew those squares together with the seams showing on the right side. After that you clip, clip, clip! When you wash it the seams wil fray and make a soft seam.
This is a close-up of another quilt that I already had done.


These are the squares that I have cut for Jordan's quilt.

fabrics for Jo's quilt

The middle fabric of the squares isn't seen,except for in the frayed seams, so I can usally use some leftover fabrics that have the same colors for those. I intended on using the bright green with dots & the snowman fabrics for the middle fabrics. But when I asked Jordan to check out the colors I had picked out, guess what? Those were the first two fabrics picked out that she liked. LOL Looks like I'm putting a couple of snowmen on the backside of her quilt.

That's all I have to show you today.
I'm going to be leaving to go to a Christmas Open House Show soon.
Hopefully I can get back to work on this quilt later this evening.

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Have a Good Day!!!

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