Sep 23, 2010

I love how the cabinet makeover turned out

Things are finally starting to calm down a little. The grandkids are all back in school now. The canning is starting to dwindle down. I just have some apples to do next, then later in the winter I will can some jellies from the berries I've put in the freezer. I've been spending so much time in the kitchen lately, that I've decided to spiff things up a bit and get some painting finished that I started awhile ago. I have one more wall to paint aqua then I decided to bring in an old cabinet and fix it like I want it.
These are the pieces of furniture that I worked with...
This cabinet was in my kitchen, but I was using it for food storage instead of for decorating.
cabinet redo
My daughter had given me this end table.
cabinet redo
I wanted to swap this endtable for the bottom of the cabinet, because it was deeper from front to back & then use the bottom of the cabinet to make a bar for the middle of the kitchen.
I had to add some new legs to the end table to make it a bit higher and swapped the handles from one to the other. Then I painted it RED. After I distressed it and put a stain over the red to antique it...I LOVE IT !!!
cabinet redo
Now I have it full of decor.
cabinet redo
The bottom of the cabinet to the hutch is also going to get the same red paint, but I plan on putting a larger top on it that will hang over on one side. Then I'm going to get a couple of stools to put under that side. This will give us a place to sit and I can take the table out of the room that is way to big. I haven't found what I can use for the top yet. Looks like I need to do some garage saleing.
OK. my TV show is on.
I hope to be posting a little more often.
Have a good night!


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