Oct 27, 2009

My apologies!!!!

I have totally forgotten to post about the giveaways that I won awhile ago!

I had won this gorgeous lace doily and the most beautiful smelling soy candle (lilac is my favorite fragrance)from a giveaway that Kimberly had in August. I was amazed at the workmanship in her crocheting and the candle was so pleasant to smell. I say WAS because I have been burning it almost every day.
Now she is having another giveaway! Three winers will receive one of her Autumn fragrances. So please check out her blog at Sugar Creek Hollows .
She is also having a "buy 2 get 1 free" sale on her website.

Also...I was third place winner & had won a cute hankie holder that Linda had made. I've put it in my car for those unexpected sniffles. It works so much better than using the extra napkins from McDonalds. LOL And much much prettier too!
Please check out her blog at Prairie Flower Farm. She also has a wonderful store full of her handmade items.

So SORRY ladies for being so late with this post!!
My hubby says I must have had one of my "blonde" moments. He won't be able to say that much longer. I've been letting my hair go back to natural. It's almost there. And it's mostly GREY!! :}

So now I'm thinking that I should have a giveaway too!
A Christmas giveaway. Does anyone like gingerbread men?

On Monday I will post my gingerbread giveaway and all the details. So please come back and see what I have.

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