Oct 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!! My Ghostly Friends!!!

WE have a terrific day for the grandkids to do their trick-or-treating. It was so windy , rainy & cold yesterday that I was worried that tonight would be miserable too. But it was actually rather nice. Just a bit cold.
My oldest daughter had the whole family over to her house for a Halloween Dinner before they all went trick-or-treating. It was quite fun!!
Everyone brought some sort of odd looking food item.
We had meatloaf that looked like severed feet. Yummy!!

Little ghost baked potatoes and mummy hotdogs.

Punch with a floating ice hand.

Mummy cupcakes, Bat cupcakes & Cat Cookies.

There were ham rollup fingers, homemade caramel dip for apple wedges and bone breadsticks.

What a feast! Everything was so yummy!

This is my family before they left to go trick-or-treating. What a fiendish group of characters, heh?

From left to right are: My son's partner, my son, Me, my Mother, my granddaughter Kelly, my Son-in-law, my oldest daughter, my youngest granddaughter Jordan, my middle daughter, Hubby, my youngest daughter and my grandson Zack. My other son-inlaw was taking the picture.

I hope everyone else had a safe and fun Halloween!!!

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