Sep 22, 2009

Kelly's Easter Chicks

{{{Here is the story of Kelly's Chickens that I thought I had already told}}}

I took Kelly to our local farm store around Eastertime last year and they had all these tubs full of chicks, ducks and rabbits. (They were cute) She asked me if she could get this little chickie that she was holding. I didn't have the heart to tell her NO so I said "ASK GRAMPY". Well as soon as she got home she went running to Grampy. She must have caught him on a good day. He said he didn't care. He remembered when our oldest daughter got one from her Uncle for Easter. It got loose and the cat got it. Didn't last long!

We went back to the store the next day to buy her little chickie.

We were trying to find the one she had picked out the day before when the salesclerk tells us that they don't just sell ONE. You have to get SIX...yes SIX!! So we picked out 3 of the fuzzy yellow ones and 3 of the little brown ones.
Now the fun begins!

We had to buy a feeder and some feed, a water jug, wood shavings and a heat lamp. Grampy must have forgot about all that. You should have seen the look on his face when we returned...priceless!!!
We had a dog cage stored in the attic and got them all set up in my garage.

Those things just kept growing. It wasn't long until I told Grampy that they were going to need a coop. So he told Kelly they would build them a little house. They gathered up some old lumber and started building this structure right in front of my garage. Grampy informed me that he would move it with the forklift after it was finished. It would be easier to build it there because it was closer to the saw. "OK" I said.

The neighbor across the street just had to come see what was going on. He had an old metal roosting area that we could have. Then he says "Looks a little big for a coop". So from then on our chicken coop has been named...

After they got it all built, we had to move it. Boy was that a chore. It was heavier on the side that had the roosting area and it wanted to tilt that way. I didn't get any pictures of this because I was to busy giving directions on where it was to go. But believe me it was quite a sight.
We have some pretty happy fat chickies now.

My Mom came over for a visit and she went out to see them. She says "When you going to butcher them?"

They are our pets now. You can let them out of the Chickie Mansion & they will follow you all over the yard. With all the eggs they are giving us...they know they are safe. They even have names...Omelet, Yoshie, Flapper, PeckPeck, Bossie and Peep. As you can tell, this is a learn as you go project. I don't even know what kind of chickens they are. Every time we go into the farmstore, they are probably wondering what question we are going to ask this time.
So that is the story of the Chickies!

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