Sep 22, 2009


Canning, Freezing and more Canning!!!

I'm beginning to fill like a prisoner in my own kitchen. Whew!!
The tomatoes are finally starting to end. I thank the cool nights for that.

I do want to try a recipe that I found to make Enchilada Sauce. I'll make that tonight and if it turns out ok, I will post the recipe.

The freezer is almost full also! I think I have enough zucchini to make zucchini bread for awhile. But my family could eat that or pumpkin bread every day if I would cook it.

Remember those chickens that Kelly got for Easter? (I think I posted before about the chick mansion that Kelly & Grampy built... LOL) {{{{ AFTER LOOKING THROUGH MY OLD POSTS, I SEE THAT I NEVER TOLD YOU ABOUT THEM YET. SO THAT WILL BE ANOTHER POST.LOL}}}} Well, they are laying eggs now! We are getting about 6 eggs a day. So I got a pasta maker and we've been making our own noodles. Dang, am I becoming little Miss Homemaker or what???
I'm hoping to get this "Winter Food Storage" thing done soon.

On the 1st of October, Hubby & I are planning to go to Florida to stay with some friends for a few days. Thennnnn....I need to lock myself in my craft room and get some stuff done. I've closed my Etsy shop and plan on reopening about the 15th. You will have to check it out. I have some pretty cool things planned (pumpkins, turkeys and ugly dolls).

Enough talking!
It seems that when I get on the computer, I could use up the whole day.

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