Oct 21, 2012

Kitty dillema

While I was getting my groceries out of the car after I came home from the store this morning, I thought I heard one of our cats meowing. I didn't see where it was so I just kept taking sacks into the house. Each time I would go outside I would hear the cat again and he sounded strange. When I went inside for the last time, I asked Kelly if she would go outside with me and see if we could find where the kitty was. We looked around for a bit, he kept meowing and then Kelly looked up. There he was in one of our huge pine trees, pacing back & forth on one of the limbs. Poor kitty, he was so scared. We found the tallest ladder that we had at home and it wasn't even close to reaching him. So I called my son and told him what happened. He was at his house with my Hubby building a new garage, and that was where the taller ladders were. They said they would get him him down when they finished what they were doing. We thought the poor thing was going to be stranded for a few more hours, but it was just a short time later that my daughter and my other two grandkids came over. Kelly showed them where the kitty was and they came up with this plan. LOL

The grandkids got an old blanket that they could hold in case he fell. Tammi got the leaf catcher net for the pool. They put a little cat food in the net, hoping the cat would just go into it, but he wouldn't go for that. Tammi ended up having to push him out of the tree with the net. When that cat hit the blanket, he was out of there in one hop and high-tailed it away.
I was laughing so much that it was hard to keep the camera still. Hubby and Tom were glad to hear that they didn't have to haul the ladders home.

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