Jan 23, 2011

What have I been doing?

Well let me show you!
Not only have I been keeping my sewing machine a humming.
See some of the quilt blocks I've done in the post below. But I've also been sewing on some things for a swap (that I can't show you just yet, sorry)
All last week we (Bonnie, Tammi, Tom & I) have been fixing up Tom & Bonnie's kitchen! They really liked the Kitchen hutch that I just painted for my kitchen and asked if I could do that to their hutch too and maybe their cupboards also. You could probably guess what I said. "SURE I can do all that". And so the kitchen redo began to happen!

Sorry I didn't get any BEFORE pictures, but we were so excited to get started that I forgot. The before cupboards were a very dark stained wood. We took all the doors off the cabinets and brought them to my house so we could work on them in my garage. The grandkids helped me with the sanding & the first coat of paint. Tammi came over to help with the sanding & painting too. In the meantime Bonnie & Tom stripped the wallpaper border and painted the walls a deep gold color. It turned out beautifully. Then I took the cupboard doors back to their house to finish up. It would be better for them to dry with the staining if they were already hung. Bonnie & Tom like the more primitive or rustic look so we roughed up the cupboards before we put the stain on. This is the finish that Tammi, Bonnie and I accomplished.
Click on any of the pictures to make bigger.

Here is the finished cupboards.

They are going to put wood floors in some day.
She is decorating her kitchen with roosters. Here is Kelly showing off some of Bonnie's decorating.

I We think it turned out perfect!
They brought the kitchen hutch to my house yesterday. Now I'm going to work on it with the same colors. This is what it looks like now...dust & all.
The top...
and the bottom...

Did you happen to notice the black barstools in the picture with Kelly? I would like to paint those to. With a mustard or black on the legs & a rooster on the seats. That will be a surprise for them.
Well that's why I haven't been posting as much as I would have liked to.

Now I better get to sanding!

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