May 2, 2010

It's been a whole month??

Oh my!!!!!!
What have I been doing?
It could be that I've been busy getting my new raised garden ready to plant. I still have to put some mulch down between each tub, to keep the weeds down. But this should help out a lot. It doesn't look like much yet. I'll have to post another picture when things are actually growing.
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My new strawberry plants seem to be doing alright.
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Or it could be that I was doing some alterations on a prom dress for my son's girlfriend's daughter granddaughter-to-be. She was so beautiful. And her dress turned out so lovely.
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Or maybe I was just busy helping the dear Hubby and his friends. We are adding on a pole barn addition to our garage. Mother Nature is not helping us out to much with the rains. I must admit that my help is only consisting of handing them a tool or letting them know that something doesn't look quite straight enough. I do seem to be sent to the house alot, to get a cold glass of water or something. LOL
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But I haven't been doing much sewing or blogging!!!
I will have to remedy that situation soon. So I apologize for not keeping up on my blogging visits. I have a feeling that is going to happen quite often this summer. Please don't forget me! I will pop in as often as possible....I PROMISE !!

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