Apr 6, 2010

What's in my chest?

I have a cedar chest in my room that I use to keep odds & ends of things in that I want to save. I usually only open the lid far enough to get an extra towel out when needed and open it up far enough again to throw place the towel back in there. Well... I decided to see what I actually had in that old chest.

I found this old quilt neatly wrapped up in the bottom of the chest.

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This old crazy quilt was passed down to me from my Mother-in-law. It was made by her Aunt. I remember her telling me that her Aunt had used some of her cousins old clothing for the fabrics. And that she had to make it pretty big because her cousins all slept in one bed upstairs and there was no heat up there. Some of the fabrics are pretty worn, but thats to be expected from something that's over 100 years old. I love all the hand stitching.

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I think I'm lucky to have a Mother-in-law that saves EVERYTHING. (Really, I mean EVERYTHING) Because I get to receive some of the most interesting things.

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