Nov 8, 2009

Chocolate Cherry Mice

My daughters and I made these over the Halloween holiday. They were for a close friend that we have known for years. This friend has called my kids "The Rodents" ever since they were born. Not sure how that all came about. But now they always come up with things mouse related to give him. My daughter found the recipe and I'm not sure where. So I can't give anyone the credit they deserve. Here is one of the little rodents that we made.
These are so cute!!

This is how we made them.

You will need:
Maraschino cherries with the stems on them. I had a hard time finding them. Where I did find some was at a liquor store. :)
Chocolate bark or chocolate chips
Sliced Almonds
Hersheys Kisses

Blue Icing or Blue confetti candies

Put some waxed paper on your cupboard or in a cookie sheet.
You melt the chocolate over a double boiler. Dip a cherry in the chocolate, part way up the stem. Lay this on the wax paper with the stem off to the side (the stem will be the tail). Next you put a dab of chocolate on the flat side of an unwrapped Hershey kiss. Place the flat side up against the cherry, putting the curl of the Kiss pointing upward. Place two sliced almonds between the Hershey Kiss & the cherry for the ears. You could just pipe a dab of blue frosting for the eyes but we had the grandkids pick out the blue chips from the confetti sprinkles jar and placed them on the face with a dab of white frosting. I placed mine in the refridgerator until they were hardened together. You peel them from the wax paper and enjoy. Remember not to eat the stem!!

I didn't get a pic of the tray when it was full. But it is really cute with a bunch of them together. We've also made them using white chocolate for my oldest daughters wedding shower. They were tucked amongst the fruit and cheese on her appetizer platter. They got so many compliments!

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