Nov 16, 2009

Bazaar, bazaar & more bazaars

I think I am having bazaar overload! I have been so busy trying to get some things made for the craft bazaars that I have been in, that I am almost exhausted. It's getting a lot harder to carry in & set up (OLD AGE). But I enjoy doing them so much. I just can't give up on them. There are only two more to go. I'm afraid that I've completely ignored my Etsy shop though. Darn, I need a class in "How to organize your time". LOL

Oh my goodness !!!
What a great bunch of bloggin buddies! I am lovin all the very nice comments on my gingerbread giveaway. And look...there are more than 25 entries! That means I will be adding something more to the giveaway. Hummm let me see. I think I will make it something that I have handpainted. I better go get busy so I can post a pic in a couple of days. Good luck to all of you. I wish you could all be winners.
And if you haven't entered yet you better go to my Nov. 2 giveaway post and get signed up!!!

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