Feb 19, 2009

Did You think I Forgot?

No I didn't forget! I'm still working on some projects for my Easter giveaway. I can tell you that one of them is an Easter raggy quilted tablemat.
I'm a little ((NO A LOT!!))late on my postings lately! We have been passing a virus around in our household this last week or so. My poor granddaughter came home yesterday and laid down on the couch complaining of freezing, headache and just plain too tired to move. She always seems to get the worst of the colds. But I knew what she was feeling cause that's how I felt a couple days ago. On top of that, I found out while I was at the Doctors that my thyroid level was too high.
OK... so now everyone is on the mend and I'm ready to get back to crafting. The first day for my giveaway is going to be coming up soon.
I've got my eyes open for some more Easter treasures and I'll be posting some pictures soon! I promise ;)

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