Jan 2, 2013


I have noticed that a few bloggers have posted a word for the New Year instead of making resolutions. I thought that was a pretty good idea. So my word for this year will be E N J O Y. I am going to spend less time worrying, fretting and making do. I plan on making time for myself and doing things and getting things that I enjoy.

I haven't been posting much lately because a few years back I took a full time and a part time job. I work in the front office at a worksite for adult disabled. I also drive a van that goes to their houses and takes them to and from their work. I love my jobs and enjoy all of the clients, but spending 10 or more hours a day at work put a halt to about everything else.

I also helped my grandson with his schoolwork last year because his folks wanted to start homeschooling him. I told them I would help him get started. It took us awhile to get things figured out. I say US because it was a learning experience for us both. I didn't know how out-of-date I was till we were studying some math problems or trying how to do a Powerpoint presentation.LOL. I would come home after work and help him with his studies until his parents came to pick him up after they finished their jobs. This year he is doing it mostly by himself. He studies at home during the day while his Dad sleeps ( he went on 3rd shift so one of the parents would be home at all times) and when his Mom gets home they check his work and send it out. Now our time spent together is for doing things more enjoyable.

I plan on spending less time at work and more time on fun stuff this year too. My husband decided that he had extra time now that he was retired from his factory job. He is going to drive my van route. He drove his first route today. The clients seemed to be okay with it as long as they knew that I would still be at work during the day.

I have lots of plans whirling around in my head for projects that I want to do in my house and I need to get my flower gardens back in shape. I am so excited. I haven't enjoyed myself this much in a long time. I should have more things to post about now too.

The first thing I want to tell you about is a Christmas present I received from my Hubby that I really enjoy.

Do you know what it is?


There would be one placed at every parking space along the road in town.

You would have to put a coin in the slot- penny, nickle or dime. The more change you put in, the more time you had to be parked there. Then you turned the handle and it would register the amount of time on the top.

When that time was up......

you were to remove your car from that spot or the police would give you a parking ticket.

I could not believe that none of my grandkids had ever seen one of these!

They've been removed from all the little towns around here. There are only a few left in the uptown area of the bigger city of Ft. Wayne and we very seldom go to the center of that town. So I can see why the grandkids were clueless. Funny...I never thought that someday I would be able to say, "I remember when there were cassette tapes, bell-bottom pants, record players, black & white TV, party lines and parking meters" and no one knew what I was talking about. Really?!!

Hubby and I are Junkies!

We enjoy going to antique stores, flea markets, garage sales and auctions to hunt for the unusual. Usually those things get stuck in a box and hid away until we happen to rummage across them one day. But I plan on changing that. We are going to get those things out so everyone else can enjoy them too.

Now where do I start?

How about the kitchen? Yeah! I'm off to do some think'n.

 ENJOY the New Year too!

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