Aug 25, 2009

More giveaways!!

Frummie is giving away two 2 yard cuts of fabric! Get over there and leave a comment....frummies quilted garden

Bonnie at Calamity Jane's Cottage is having a giveaway of a baby quilt pattern, a pkg. of Texture Magic, fabric and magazines.

Aug 18, 2009


Today is the first day of school for the grandkids.
Although Kelly lives here full time, it's not the same as when all three are here everyday together.
No more singing concerts for awhile...

Fishing back at the lake will have to be only on weekends for awhile..

And it's almost time to close up the pool for awhile...

It's kinda sad. BUT.....................

I'm doing a happy dance cause now I have time to get back to doing what I like to do!! Not that I don't love to babysit for the kids, but you know how it is!!!

I have too many things started and I don't seem to be getting anything finished! I'm not sure whats been happening with me lately. I've managed to get myself into a lot of "WIP" (work in progress)projects that are just stacking up. I have always been the type that will stay up all hours & do nothing else until something is finished. So this feeling of "failure to complete" is getting me down.


Good time to think and get this list made.
First on the list
Get my livingroom put back in place. This is what I had last weekend to look at.
I moved everything to one corner so I could shampoo the carpet. Then I have to move it all to the other side and do the other half. It's a pretty big room. Since I won't be having dirty little feet coming in & out all day now, it should stay clean for awhile.

During all this moving of furniture, I decided to take my computer desk out in the garage and I let the grandkids put the coat of sealer on it for me. I got the bottom half of it painted and antiqued but the top half and drawers are still waiting to be done.So second on my list has to be...
Get Computer desk finished

Number 3 will be...
Finish kitchen cupboards OR maybe I should get something done to put in the shop. Hmmmmm!
I'm going to go get a cup of coffee and do some tweaking on this TO DO LIST !!

Did I mention that it was awfully quiet here??