Feb 2, 2015

fireplace for the fairy house

No work today so I played around with my fairy village project. I made this fireplace to go in one of my fairy houses. It's just made with a chunk of styrofoam that Kelly painted black for me. Then I tore up one of those cardboard drink carriers into small pieces & glued them onto the styrofoam. Glued on a strip of wood for a mantel and used some scrapbook paper that looked like old brick for the bottom. I dry brushed a bit of black onto the stones too. I know it's too tall that's why I left some at the top unfinished. It will be cut to the right size. As soon as the cork dries that I put down on the floor, I will be able to put it in place. I need to work on this project a little more often. I think I need a picture to hang above the mantel.

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minwks said...

Hi, wondering if you and Kelly have made more progress on your fairy house. i find it hard to keep my granddaughter involved as things are not instantaneous.
eg. the paint has to dry (hurrah hair dryers), or the glue has to stick or we have to find the right piece of something. before continuing.
Hope you can keep Kelly interestd,
regards janine